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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Wedding

Friday brought much of the immediate family together to prepare the reception site for the big day. After a few hours of work, it was time for the rehearsal and dinner at a rental house overlooking the Luffenholtz Beach. It was an incredible view and an even more incredible evening.

Saturday morning there were a few more preparations at the reception site, and then everyone met at Stone Lagoon for the ceremony. The ceremony was an incredibly unique experience, perfectly tailored to the two couples. It began with four close friends bringing in the four elements. Next, the two grooms paddled across the lagoon onto the beach, followed by a procession of the immediate family walking down the aisle to greet them. The end of the line included our niece, Lea, blowing bubbles, and Corey and Amber's two sons, Cove and Jasper as the ring bearers. Then, the moment we were all waiting for as the two brides were walked in by their father. The exchange of vows was touching - each couple had written their own.

After the ceremony, and lots of family pictures, everyone headed a half hour south to Moonstone Beach for the reception. The reception hall sits right at the edge of the beach and it allowed everyone to go and hang out on the sand (great place for some fun pictures).

There were about 200 people sharing in the great food, music, dancing and celebration of the couples. It was a true tribute to the four newlyweds that such a combination of three families and a wide collection of friends could come together so effortlessly. The DJ that began the evening was replaced by a local band (the DJ impromptu started back up a bit after midnight when the band packed up). There was a puppeteer entertaining many of the children (and plenty of adults), and during one of the band's set breaks, there was a fire show out on the beach.

Admittedly, the clean up the next morning was exactly what you'd expect from such an extravaganza. This was just one more opportunity for the family to come together - which we certainly did.

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