The purpose of this blog is twofold. First and foremost it is in preparation for an upcoming class that I will be teaching at the Lister Academy - it will allow for me to experiment with the technology that we will be using in the class, plus give a forum for my students and I to stay connected.
Secondly, this blog gives a nice side-effect that our friends and family can see what we're up to during our travels. I hope that all viewers (students, colleagues, friends and family) will enjoy the posts and feel free to leave your own comments.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Arriving in Utah

I am so glad that we refreshed at Twin Springs Resort so that we could handle the 11 hour day on the road yesterday. From the Twin Springs Resort, we traveled to Brian Head, Utah. We did stop briefly in Salt Lake City to pick up groceries at the Whole Foods, but it was otherwise another big driving day. We took a different way out of the remote valley in Idaho, having us drive through slightly better forest roads and acres upon acres of vast wilderness. The occasional roaming cattle were the only reminder that people actually lived out there, somewhere. It was almost an hour before we saw another person. Once we were out on the highway, the driving got much faster, but the scenery stayed amazing. Speaking of speed, Carmela particularly enjoyed the long stretches that had an 80 mph speed limit. Our drive through the rain was the first precipitation we’ve seen since we left home.

Today is mostly getting ready for the week and doing some “chores”. While we had picked up specialty goods at the Whole Foods in Salt Lake City, that was 4 hours away from the destination so we didn’t do a full shopping trip. Today we drove to Cedar City to shop for the week. We also did laundry since we are in a place that allows for it (and we’re almost out of clean clothes). This is also the day to get on the computer and do work. Carmela is working a bit on her poster for work, and I am actually posting the blog for the past several days. At Twin Springs we were unplugged and then yesterday was far too long of a drive to get online last night. Now it’s time to plan out the week’s trips to Zion and Bryce Canyon.

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