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Secondly, this blog gives a nice side-effect that our friends and family can see what we're up to during our travels. I hope that all viewers (students, colleagues, friends and family) will enjoy the posts and feel free to leave your own comments.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Driving to Idaho

Today was a driving day – our first major one of the trip. It’s not that we haven’t driven quite a bit already, but today was all about the drive. We left The Dalles, Oregon around 10:00 this morning and arrived at our destination around 6:30 in the evening. While we stopped regularly to refuel and stretch our legs (the picture is of me at one of the rest stops), our only real stop was at 4:00 at the Boise Co-Op to buy groceries for the next few days (this is also where it hit us how hot it was). It was a cool store that was very reminiscent of Whole Foods (which we always search for when we travel because it is so much easier to find Carmela-friendly options).

The drive to Boise was all major highway, but scenic and beautiful (The video of the windmills was taken right after Carmela commented - "Idaho really does grow everything, not just potatoes"). The road from Boise to our destination, Twin Springs Resort, was NOT highway. “Remote” doesn’t even describe the place – I couldn’t even find it on Google Maps and had to use the GPS coordinates to navigate to it. It was only about 40 miles, but took us almost 2 hours. I’m really glad that we planned ahead and left early so that we would be sure to arrive during daylight – these were not roads that I would have wanted to be driving for the first time in the dark. As you can see in the bit of video that I included, there are twists and turns, rough dirt road, no side rail much of the time, and a long sudden drop if you were to go off the road. It was great!


  1. Awesome footage and descriptions of your trip so far. The video of the Idaho roads is cool too. Now I know what the dogs see when they are in the car!!

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